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Our American Values Are Under Threat


The Registration Project
The Registration Project, Inc. is a non-profit, non-partisan organization and organized under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended, for charitable and educational purposes. The organization’s mission is to conduct non-partisan voter registration and mobilization to under-represented ethnic and socio-economic groups in the United States, including African-American, Latino, Native American and low-income voters.


The primary activities of The Registration Project, Inc. are to research, develop and implement innovative voter registration and mobilization programs using a variety of layered communication methods to maximize the effectiveness of each registration and mobilization program. Canvassing teams across the country organize voter registration drives, attend local festivals to collect registration forms, and go door to door to proactively give people in underserved communities the opportunity to register to vote. Volunteers make thousands of phone calls and mail thousands of registration forms to people in targeted communities to encourage and enable these citizens to exercise their right to vote.


The team at The Registration Project, Inc. collects data through each voter registration and mobilization program to understand the most effective communications strategies that can be implemented in future projects. The Registration Project, Inc. also studies and analyzes the effects of new and existing voter registration laws and ID requirements across different under-represented populations in different states.

Summary of Priorities

  • Register voters in under-represented communities

  • Re-register voters who have moved to a new address

  • Inform voters in under-represented communities of current voting laws in their state

  • Inform and sign up applicable voters to vote by mail, vote absentee, or vote during an early voting period

  • Inform voters about upcoming local, state, and national elections

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